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‘Survive, reboot, and grow,’ is the ‘new normal’

Amid the challenges in global food systems due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Department of Agriculture (DA), Philippines, is ready to take on the challenge of the ‘new normal’ facing the country’s agriculture and fishery sector. It is imperative for the government to rethink and restructure its policies and practices to prevent from being overwhelmed […]


Young millennials as the future of Philippine agriculture

The Department of Agriculture (DA), Philippines, is set to engage 900 fresh graduates (batch 2019-2020) as ‘frontliners’ to assist in the implementation of agriculture programs in each congressional district nationwide. Millennials will be tapped as on-the-job trainees (OJTs) for about six months, given an attractive allowance, and later will get employed and detailed at each […]

Food and Agribusiness

Agri neglect haunts nation in this Covid hell

A veteran rural banker in Philippines, an advocate of increased agricultural lending, says he would not dare plot the rise of motorcycle-related loans; then make another chart for the depressing drop in the already meager loans that have gone to small farmers. The two charts would depress him. But the sense of the banking system […]