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FoodTech startup, SilverConnect raised funds to fast-track the rollout of food options for people with swallowing difficulties

The question, “What happens if one day a person cannot eat?” was lingering in the minds of Directors, Yiru Shen and Jeannie Ong, when they started a specialised FoodTech startup, SilverConnect. The company was founded in 2017 with the intent to enhance nourishment for the elderly and relieve their caregivers from the daily burden of preparing such modified meals. SilverConnect closed a seed funding round on Monday led by Heritas Capital Management and SEEDS Capital.

Fresh funds from the seed round will be used to “fast-track the commercialisation and rollout of GentleFoods to both consumers and elderly care institutions.

SilverConnect Pte Ltd

The issue stems from Singapore and Asia’s ageing population and the increase in people with swallowing difficulties. There are limited food options available hence many of them are resigned to porridge. Malnutrition is most common in people with swallowing difficulties as there is a loss of appetite. The problems are also psychological, with an increase in feeling dependent, depressed and isolated. The joy of eating food together with friends and family is also compromised.

GentleFoods is a Trademark of SilverConnect Pte Ltd

The company believes the food that one enjoyed must always remain the food that one continues to enjoy. SilverConnect creates puréed moulded food that is familiar, safe and nutritious that helps in stimulating the appetite with the way it looks, tastes and smells, bringing the joy of food back into the lives of people with swallowing difficulties.

“We hope that elderly and other patients with swallowing difficulties will now be able to enjoy a wide variety of safe and tasty meals with their loved ones, while reducing the amount of time their caregivers currently spend on preparing such meals.”

Dr. Shen Yiru, Co-founder and CEO, SilverConnect

The texture of the meals from SilverConnect are in line with the framework set out by the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI), which helps to ensure that meals are safely prepared to the right consistency, and suitable for those who have difficulty swallowing.

Over the last two years, Enterprise Singapore provided grant support to SilverConnect for the co-development of three popular local snacks with Khoo Teck Puat Hospital under the Food for Elders initiative, as well as a corporate branding project to help them develop a global brand strategy and establish presence in key overseas markets.

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