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AgTech Company Bee Vectoring Technologies “BVT” announced three new deals with Michigan blueberry growers

AgTech Company Bee Vectoring Technologies International Inc. “BVT” announced three new deals with Michigan blueberry growers to use BVT’s natural precision agriculture system. By adding Michigan’s 20,000 acres, BVT has now penetrated 83% of the US blueberry market. BVT, founded in 2012, is a leading technology company that uses commercially-reared bees to deliver sustainable and effective crop control. BVT system provides the foundation for comprehensive, stackable and highly targeted pest and disease management solutions.

“With these new deals, BVT has successfully penetrated key blueberry growing markets throughout the US in a single growing season. Since EPA approval in September 2019, we have entered the Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, Oregon and Washington blueberry markets as well as the Florida strawberry market.”

Ashish Malik, CEO, Bee Vectoring Technologies

Essentially, the company’s solution harnesses the power of nature’s best workers, helping growers improve crop quality with a significant decrease in the use of chemicals. BVT’s easy-to-use tray system introduces natural organic compounds to commercially-reared bees as they exit the hive. As the bees pollinate, they leave behind the foundation for a season-long, targeted pest and disease management program. The bees remain healthy and happy throughout the process.

Bee vectoring technology may sound complicated, but it’s actually a very simple, natural process. This technology replaces chemical pesticides and wasteful plant protection product spray applications by delivering biological pesticide alternatives to crops through precision application. BVT’s comprehensive stackable pest and disease management solutions are highly targeted to help growers easily improve quality in numerous crops, for example: strawberries, sunflowers, apples, tomatoes, canola, blueberries and others.

The expectation is that growers working with BVT will generate strong word of mouth to attract new customers to the Company in the following seasons to come.

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