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Tanzanian agri-tech startup East Africa Fruits hopes to scale into new verticals

East Africa Fruits, after bagging a $3.1 million investment that comprises both equity and debt capital, has witnessed tremendous growth in its farm-to-market sector B2B e-commerce platform. The company aggregates demand and deliver a wide range of fresh produce directly from farms to retailers, wholesalers, local vendors, restaurants and cafés, hotels and exporters.

Founded by social entrepreneur Elia Timotheo in 2013, East Africa Fruits is a B2B e-commerce platform that works with smallholder farmers to acquire, store and deliver goods from farm to market. Its business model revolves around aggregation, process and value addition, technology, and distribution. It includes:

  1. Aggregate Produce: The company buys fruits and vegetables from small holders farmers at fair price.
  2. Involvement with Farmers: East Africa Fruits support the farmers through regular training and guidance, right from beginning till the time of purchase.
  3. Processing and Value Addition: The company owns facility in Bunju, Tanzania; where fruits and vegetables are being processed by cleaning, sorting, packing, sourcing, quality control and drying.
  4. Distribution of Fresh Produce: East Africa Fruits carry a full line distribution of well packed fruits to independent retailers, restaurants, institutional buyers and food processors.

The company has plans to invest in the latest technologies that will help streamline operations. With the newfound efficiency, they will diversify their product base and impact more farmers with their services in the future. East Africa Fruits is looking forward to work with more than 10,000 farmers and 15,000 businesses in Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and neighbouring regions.

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