The Bee Corp receives $250K investment from IU Philanthropic Venture Fund

The Bee Corp, an Indiana agtech startup developing solutions for growers and beekeepers who rely on commercial pollination, receives $250K investment from IU Philanthropic Venture Fund. The company uses infrared cameras that attach to a smartphone to provide a noninvasive look at the health of the hive. This investment arrives despite widespread uncertainty due to coronavirus.

The Bee Corp’s target customers includes beekeepers, almond growers and growers of other crops dependent on pollination. Almond sales in particular continue to perform well during this global crisis, as the product’s nutritious and shelf-stable properties are ideal for consumers looking to stock their pantries. The Bee Corp’s is among certain agricultural producers that have avoided negative impacts of the coronavirus.

IU Ventures is a Code Section 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to empowering Indiana University faculty, alumni, and friends to support and invest in IU-affiliated innovation.

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