Food and Agribusiness

Accredited ‘safe’ vegetables help Vietnamese farmers earn more

Farmers in Northwest Vietnam are accessing a new path to market for their vegetables—via an accreditation program—to help them sell into high-value modern retail markets in Hanoi. The region’s favourable climate and soil conditions are suitable for growing tropical, subtropical and some temperate vegetables. Vietnamese Good Agricultural Practices (VietGAP) provides guidelines on how to grow crops and manage them postharvest to ensure food safety and improve product quality and traceability while supporting the health of producers, consumers and the environment.

With the development of supermarkets and food service market channels in Hanoi and other big cities, customers are now demanding high quality agricultural products—especially ones from mountainous areas like Son La province—because customers believe they taste better and are more nutritious. Furthermore, customers want ‘safe’ vegetables which are grown using good agricultural production techniques and are managed to ensure the food is free of food-borne diseases and pathogens.

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