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What is Spirulina?

Spirulina, an ultra-nutritious algae, is a microscopic form of life that does not have the usual tough cell walls normally found in plant life. This means that it’s extremely easy to digest making all the nutritional compounds highly absorbable into your body. Spirulina comes under the “blue-green algae” umbrella and grows naturally in oceans and salty lakes in subtropical climates and is then farmed by manufacturers who cultivate spirulina in contained pools. Spirulina has been called “the most nutrient dense food on the planet” and is thought to be rich in B-vitamins, protein, iron, and has been employed for a variety of conditions including cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, ADHD, PMS, stress, depression, anxiety, and more.

Spirulina originally rose to prominence after it was successfully used by NASA for astronauts on space missions. In recent years, algae-based foods, products, and crops have been soaring in popularity with backings from wellness experts.

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