Food and Agribusiness

No, Camels’ Milk Isn’t Vegan

That camels’ milk is suitable for vegans isn’t the only absurd claim the industry makes. It often touts environmental credentials, too. Like all animals, camels have to be impregnated and give birth for their bodies to produce milk. The dromedary camels used in Australia’s dairy industry have a lactation period of around 18 months, and most of their milk is produced during the first seven months of lactation. The industry tears babies away from their mothers in order to steal and sell the milk nature intended for them. Camels can’t have babies as frequently as cows used for dairy production do, so the industry needs a “rigorous turnover of animals” to remain profitable. Anyone looking to sip on something that’s actually cruelty-free, kinder to the environment, and better for our health should ditch all dairy products and instead try the many plant-based milks available at all supermarkets.

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