Food and Agribusiness

Changing Agricultural Perspectives: ‘Agri at Heart’ to ‘Agri-Smart’

Agriculture is an important and sustainable contributor to Jamaica’s economic development. Its contribution to the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2018 was 7.2 per cent. In the same year the sector was identified as the second-largest employer of labour, employing 15.1 per cent of the labour force. In fact, three out of every four farmers registered since 2016 is a youth farmer. The Jamaica 4-H Clubs, is promoting the concept of the Agri-Smart Farmer as a strategy to promote productivity and overcome the maladies of the sector.

The Agri-Smart Farmer is conceptualised as one who is cognisant of the threats affecting the agricultural sector, ready to embrace innovation and new technologies, open to explore the concept of food diversification, appropriately equipped to operate a viable agri-business, trained and ready to co-exist with climate change.

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