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Open to visitors: Agri-tourism provides way for farms to add new income stream

When people think of farms, they very rarely think of pizza – even if everything that makes up a pizza comes from a farm. The Rosses own Good Roots Farm and Gardens, a 40-acre organic farming operation with a market garden, high tunnel greenhouse, an apple orchard, pizza oven and restored near-centennial barn that is open for all kinds of agri-tourism ventures. Every Sunday in the summer, Good Roots hosts pizza nights for all to come enjoy. The Ross family is part of an expanding merger of South Dakota’s strong farming roots and a growing tourism industry. It’s agri-tourism. While corn and soybeans are the main staple on our farm, we feel like we need to start transforming to stay ahead of the curve.

The generations before us had very diverse farms, so when one area fell on hard times hopefully something else would pull them through

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In context of Agri-Toruism, Westland HortiTours organizes interesting guided tours with experienced and enthusiastic guides for businesses people and entrepreneurs in greenhouse horticulture. It is difficult for people who are not familiar with the horticultural world to enter or get a good idea of what is going on in the field of production, cultivation technique and innovation.


Agri-tourism is a core part of many farms and closes the gap between producer and consumer. This include farm tours, self-catering, farm experiences and emerging offers including lambing events. For some farms, agri-tourism is more than a sideline, it is an increasingly important part of the core business. The addition of agri-tourism to a farm is intended to allow the next generation to keep farming – it is a way of maintaining the viability of the business.


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