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Dumping milk? Consider these recommendations

One practical utilization for unshipped milk is land application. While direct land application of milk would be possible, there are several reasons it is recommended that the milk be mixed with manure first. The same high nutrient value of milk that makes it such a valued food source also comes into play when disposing of it. Milk contains about 44 pounds of nitrogen (N), 18 pounds of phosphorus (P2O5) and 15 pounds of potassium (K2O) per 1,000 gallons. It’s also advisable to check state laws or local ordinances before dumping milk. In Pennsylvania, for example, statutes define agricultural waste and food waste differently. “In simplest interpretation, if milk does not leave the farm then it will remain agricultural waste and not food processing waste. If it remains on the farm and mixed with manure, the milk can be considered manure”.

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Milk – Worth More Today As A Fertilizer Than A Food. On Tuesday, April 7th, UW-Extension staff will be hosting an on-line webinar to deal with the sudden new topic of how to deal with all the milk that’s being dumped into manure storage facilities. Read more at The Mid-West Farm Report.


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